5 Friday Favorites

It’s mid-November; the air is crisper, the days are shorter, and the holidays are a comin’. That means I’ve officially got cozy on the brain.

This week’s five favorites are all about the warm ‘n cozy things that I’m loving this time of year.

1. Antique Candle Works

I’m a little obsessive when it comes to candles. (Actually, my entire family is!) But what else adds more cozy to a room than a burning candle?

I’ve recently discovered Antique Candle Works, and I’m such a fan! Their scents are swoon worthy, and the candle jars are lovely and adorable. They carry a fabulous list of fall scents—and you can buy a sample set of four candle tins. (Antique Candle Works is also based in the Hoosier State, so they get an extra thumbs up from me!)

2. The Great British Baking Show

Can we be honest and say that the British Baking Show is one of the best things on Netflix? It’s a show that’s practically made for snuggling on the couch—and drooling over the bakers’ creations! Sometimes I have not a single clue what ingredients these bakers are using, and that’s absolutely mesmerizing to me. It’s educational, right? I mean, have you ever seen someone bake a Victorian game pie in your life? I have now! (Bonus! Another one of my favorite shows airs this time of year: the Holiday Baking Championship on Food Network.)

3. The Pioneer Woman’s Caramel Cakes

Cozy time calls for a warm, homemade treat, right? And if we’re all inspired by the British Baking Show, we might as well whip out a recipe, yeah? This one is a winner. These individual caramel cakes (with nutmeg and cinnamon) can be baked in cute little skillets or ramekins—and they’re topped with glorious caramel icing. Does that sound cozy, or does that sound cozy? Caramel cozy! (I also think I’m gaining holiday pounds just imagining that dessert!)

4. Earl Grey Tea and a Milk Frother

Please don’t make me choose between coffee and tea. I love them both desperately.

But during the autumn months I certainly drink more tea; my red tea kettle sits on my stovetop, and I brew cup after cup. Earl Grey tea is my absolute favorite—and some frothed milk or cream sends it over the top. I got this little handheld milk frother for Christmas one year, and it knows what it’s doing. Just heat up your milk (almond or soy or coconut works, too!) or cream, froth away, then pour it into your brewed beverage! It’s cozy sipping time.

5. Four-Legged Friends

Let’s bring this snuggle-fest home with the real MVPs of cozy: our pets. My pup Kylo Ren is my constant sidekick, and boy, does this dog know how to snug! If I’m on the couch with a cup of Earl Grey and the British Baking Show streaming on Netflix, Kylo is curled up beside me, catching some z’s. I’m inserting a photo for your enjoyment—because visualization is important here. (I also love to share his shenanigans on my Insta Stories. He’s a hit.)

What are your favorite cozy things?

Got a furry snuggler? Share a photo of them in the comments! Here’s how: tap in the comment box; select the photo icon in the lower left hand corner and upload your pic!

If you missed last week’s first-ever 5 Friday Favorites, you can catch up here. Then come back next Friday for a special post-Thanksgiving list of favorites!

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