5 Friday Favorites: 12/20/19

  1. Merry Christmas, friends! As you savor the story of Christ coming to earth, can I share my favorite verse in all of Scripture? It’s tucked inside a Christmas passage, a prophecy by Zechariah in Luke 1:78–79. Have you read it? It refers to Jesus as the sunrise, the dayspring. In the Come Adore radio series. Nancy teaches on this verse, explaining how “the coming of Christ dispels, disperses the darkness and gloom and death and judgment and brings light and joy and cheer.” Listen to this radio program, and learn how we, as God’s people, are called to shine the light of Christ in every corner of the earth.
  1. A lot of us are stumbling into Christmas feeling worn out, weary, and way too busy. If this describes you, stop what you’re doing and read these words from Sarah Walton: “Many of us are currently carrying extra-heavy burdens and trials that feel crippling. Understandably so, sometimes it can be all too easy to want to give up. But instead of running, quitting, and complaining, we can stand firm and steadfast in the strength of Christ. As we seek Him and rest in Him, He will provide what you need, even if it’s just to put one foot in front of the other today.”
  1. Every time I hear stories about how Revive Our Hearts has helped women live out the beautiful story God is writing in their lives, I’m blown away—and this story is no exception: “Alexandra had never seen a Bible until she attended a camp that introduced her to Jesus at age thirteen. In her desperate need to discover more about her new faith, she found Revive Our Hearts. Her faith continued to grow along with her eagerness to share it with others. God led her to travel internationally and she shared Revive Our Hearts resources with women from a variety of contexts.” What a sweet reminder that God uses our donations to multiply His message: women who have experienced life change in Christ can’t help but share Him with others!
  1. If self-control is something you struggle with, you have to listen to Blair Linne’s interview on the Journeywomen podcast. Hunter Beless and Blair discuss how, as believers, “our hope is in God. In the gospel, we can be honest, we don’t have to hide. He called us while we were yet sinners. He knew we would struggle with sin, so we don’t have to hide. We can go to Him with all of our burdens and all of our cares. Because He loves us, He hears us. He started the work, and He will complete the work.” Praise God!
  1. “Ever struggle to see the connection between the Old Testament and your life today? Do you often feel tempted to just ignore those older books of the Bible? Don’t give in. Every single word in the Scriptures is full of power and Truth for practical and purposeful living today. But don’t just take our word for it.” Moms, you and your teen daughters are invited to join Dannah Gresh and Erin Davis in an online interactive Bible study that will give you “an awesome new perspective as you study ten Old Testament women.” Head over to MyTrueGirl.com to register today!

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About Author

Katie Laitkep is a hospital teacher, a seminary student, and a Lyme patient living in Texas, where God continuously sustains her through Scripture, dry shampoo, and Mexican food. She blogs her journey through medical treatment at www.apatientprocess.com with the hope that her words will be a picture of the Lord’s perfect faithfulness in chronic pain; for even in suffering, God is good.

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