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If Candy Hearts Make You Cringe

Valentine’s Day has a way of polarizing our hearts. While we may be content to wait for God’s timing for love the rest of the year, February races in with a new batch of questions, anxieties, and regrets. We suddenly have an intense longing for the kind of romantic love the world seems to be selling in the form of candy hearts, overpriced roses, and candlelit dinners. So what’s a girl to do?

1,000 Trees (And Other Tall Tales)

Maybe it’s because I love to tell a good story. Maybe it’s about one-upmanship. Maybe I worry I won’t be interesting without it. For whatever reason, I have to fight the urge to constantly exaggerate. I overshoot the details of the story, overshare what happened, and build up the emotions to a crescendo. I’m in good company. Let’s take a quick tour of some exaggerators in the Bible.

Are You a Bible Zoomer?

After years of Bible zooming, I’ve realized that my relationship with God, understanding of Scripture, and general peace in life is not what it should be. God didn’t intend for us to open the Bible, sprint through the passages, and then move on. He gave us the Bible to study, meditate on, gain wisdom from, and grow from. How can we do those things if we are not spending quality time in the Bible?