Yearly Archive:: 2013

A Christian’s Guide To Sci-Fi

In the interest of full disclosure, I should tell you that I’m not a fan of sci-fi. It’s just never been my thing. But I am a fan of young women like you. And since science fiction novels and movies seem to be dominating the affections of the young adult crowd, I wanted to help you think through the good, the bad, and the ugly side of sci-fi.

Dear Huddle House Girl

I’m sure that your boyfriend is a nice guy, but you need to send him on his way. He’s got a lot to learn about what love is and how real men act. You don’t have to worry that he’s the last fish in the sea. There are great guys out there. The God who made you, who loves you, who values you, can bring one to you when the timing is right.

What If I’ve Fallen Into Sexual Sin?

Sin is a snare, a trap. Once you step in it and it clamps shut, you can’t remove it. But Jesus isn’t helpless against it. And He isn’t surprised that you’ve fallen prey to the enemy’s lies or to the temptation of your own flesh. You are still precious to Him. If you’ve fallen into sexual sin or are considering that temptation, here’s what I’d like for you to do. . .


A New Kind Of Sameness

I grew up knowing all things church: the lingo, traditions, and the do’s and don’ts. The ritual of going to church became as habitual, familiar, and normal as tying my shoes—same days, places, people, stories, same EVERYTHING. With each venture to the steeple-topped building, my head filled with more knowledge but my heart was numb to deep faith in Jesus. I found myself in the shallows of ritualistic religion, living on the regurgitated Jesus stories others shared. . .

What To Do When Embarrassing Moments Strike

Embarrassing moments are many times completely unpredictable. They can range from getting a bad haircut, which has happened to me, to getting something stuck in your teeth and not realizing it until you get home. What can we do to prepare for these moments? Is there a way to handle them without feeling like we want to sink through the floor?