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When God Asks To Take You Skydiving

God has asked me to go skydiving. Well . . . not literally. It’s a metaphor for doing something really, really terrifying. Tomorrow I will step behind the microphone usually reserved for Lies Young Women Believe author Nancy Leigh DeMoss. She’s a gifted Bible teacher who has recorded thousands of radio broadcasts. Me? I’m a momma and a goat farmer who has never taught a radio program in my life. But God presented the opportunity and asked me to jump. I’ve got butterflies in my stomach and that same shaky feeling that I imagine I’d have if I were really jumping out of a plane.

From The Archives: A Lies Guide To Halloween

Every year as fall hayrides and pumpkins melt into haunted houses and jack-o-lanterns, I feel a little torn. As a Christian, should I find a not-so-scary way to participate in Halloween festivities? Should I sideline myself because there are some spooky elements? Should I let this holiday’s history as a Druid festival of the dead bother me or should I feel free to participate in the modern version of the holiday complete with fun costumes, hot apple cider, and my favorite treat, fun-sized Snickers?

When We Feast On Fear

I’ll admit that there’s something about a scary movie, book, or experience that appeals to me somehow. Maybe we like to get our blood pumping every once in a while. Maybe curiosity gets the best of us. Maybe all of the horror is worth the relief we feel as the credits roll or the last page is turned and everything is set right. Whatever the reason that fear pulls at us, it’s important that we realize that fear is not God’s plan for us. How do I know? Because He spells it out plainly in His Word.

Handling The Guilt

If you struggle with this sin, know for certain that there is hope for you, hope for real change. Do not seek reassurance in the cold comfort that “everyone does it.” The way to avoid the agony of guilt is not to ignore sin or make some vain effort to convince yourself it’s innocuous. The solution to guilt is to focus on the finished work of Christ on the cross.