Yearly Archive:: 2013

A Different December

Four years ago my family decided to have a different type of December. Yes, we would enjoy the lights, music, and mochas. But we didn’t want to stop there. We decided to use the Christmas season as an opportunity to tell the rest of the Christmas story—to give people an opportunity to accept the greatest gift ever, Jesus Christ.

Hollow Beauty vs. Heavenly Beauty

Our world bombards us with an image of feminine beauty that’s not even based upon reality. Yet we as women are constantly pressured to pursue that unachievable standard of worldly allure. But when we yield our entire heart, mind, soul, and body to Jesus Christ, we are set free from the need to gain approval from this world. Rather, our value comes from knowing we have been loved and redeemed by the King of all kings.

A Closer Look at Mary’s Dream Guy

There’s nothing wrong with having a list of what we want our future husband to be like. But sometimes our list tends to focus on all the wrong things. We want a guy with a certain personality or a certain look. Instead, let me encourage you to look for a guy whose profile resembles one of the characters from the Christmas story—Mary’s dream guy, Joseph.

Tell Your Spirit to Shut Up

I likely don’t have to tell you that December can be an especially hectic month. There are parties to attend, programs to perform in, parties to go to, and gifts to buy. But what a tragedy it would be for any of us to miss out on time with the God whose birth we celebrate because we refuse to take the time to get quiet.


The Scoop on the World

When you think of the world, you might think of exploring Paris and New Zealand and the Ivory Coast (how exciting does that sound?!). The world seems like a neutral space full of endless possibilities for adventure. It is . . . right? It all depends on what you mean by “world.”