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Five Ways to Fill All That Free Time

If your house is like mine, the festivities are over, but the free time has just begun. With more than a week left in Christmas break, I’ve been looking for creative ways to fill the downtime. If you’ve found yourself with a lot of time to fill this week (or in the future), here are five ideas for using your free time well.

Why There’s No Room for You in the Inn Either

From the moment He arrived, Jesus would always stick out like a sore thumb. He may have arrived humbly, but it was never about flying under the radar. He did not come to tow the line, fit in with the crowd, or maintain the status quo. Guess what? If you’re His follower, you likely won’t fit in either. But He’s called you to something different . . .

Pick Me, Pick Me!

Do you ever feel like the shepherds may have before that close encounter with a choir of angels? Like somebody with nothing to offer? Do you ever think there’s no way God could ever call you to something big because you don’t have the skill set to carry it out anyway? God uses all kinds of people in His Word to carry out His mission, but they all had one thing in common—a willingness to obey.


Sinking Your Teeth Into the Promises of God

The Christmas story isn’t really as simple as just a baby in a manger. But there is also a parallel plot line—a story that happens alongside Jesus’ arrival with striking similarities and its own lessons to teach. It is the story of the arrival of Jesus’ cousin, John (later known as John the Baptist). It was a birth filled with miracles and wonder, much like Jesus’. And it was a birth with lessons to teach all of us about sinking our teeth into the promises of God.

The Original Grinch

Did you know that the furry green character with the tiny heart who scorned the Christmas spirit found in Whoville is not the original Grinch? Nope. Not even close. The original Grinch was there at the very first Christmas. He didn’t have green skin (that I know of). He didn’t whip up a plan to steal presents from the good citizens of Whoville, but he did try to sabotage Christmas.