Yearly Archive:: 2012

Letting Truth Rule When It Comes to Forgiveness

You’ve blown it. You’ve messed up. Maybe you keep sinning over and over and over. And then Sunday comes. You go to church. You sing about God’s forgiveness. You hear sermons about God’s forgiveness, but inside you secretly suspect that God’s promise to forgive stops just short of where you are and what you’ve done. As a result you feel suffocated by the weight of your own sin.

If this describes you, I have good news for you. This can be the year where you find freedom.

Cinderella . . . And Back Again

I got some new clothes, gorgeous curls, and—of all things—fake eyelashes! We filmed for hours, but it was over all too soon. The next morning, I felt a bit like Cinderella must have felt when her coach turned back into a pumpkin and her gown returned to rags. Glamorous Paula was normal Paula once again (sigh).