Yearly Archive:: 2011


You’re A Powerhouse

I relate a whole lot to Peter. On his own, he was a fearsome mess. Matthew 26 shows him so knock-knee scared he’s cussing and lying through his teeth saying he never even knew this Jesus-dude. And yet just weeks later, 3,000 souls are saved after he preaches one power-packed sermon. What caused this dramatic difference in Peter?

Awkward Situations

It’s tough and sometimes a little awkward saving my body for one man’s eyes alone. In fact, I had to face a tough situation recently when I was asked to be a bridesmaid in a longtime friend’s wedding. How exciting was that? There was only one problem; her bridesmaids’ dresses were strapless.

You’re A Wimp!

Here’s the bad news. You can’t handle it. You can’t handle your circumstances. You can’t handle your sin. You can’t handle the challenges you face today or the challenges that lurk right around the corner.

At least not on your own.