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From The Archives: Not Feeling It

Some years I get all caught up in the warm fuzzies of Christmas. My eyes tear up during candlelight service on Christmas Eve. I read the Christmas story with wonder. But some years the story seems too familiar. My to-do list seems too important. I want to get caught up in Christmas cheer, but I find myself thinking, I’m just not feeling it.

Hope For The Bullied

If you feel picked on, misunderstood, tormented, or ignored, you are in good company. Jesus Himself endured these very things, and His Word is not silent on your circumstances. In fact, the Bible is chock-full of words of hope and encouragement just for you.


A Crash Course On Fasting

Several months ago, one of you left me a comment asking for my advice about how to deal with a difficult situation. My response was to set aside some time to fast and pray. Your reaction surprised me. Many of you left comments saying that you wanted to know more about fasting …

Taming The Tiger In The Box

The statistics about eating disorders are alarming, but the disordered eating habits of most young women do not fit into the blanket categories of anorexics or bulimics. In fact, it is my experience that while we don’t all have eating disorders, many of us have disordered eating.