Yearly Archive:: 2010


Cults, Spirits, and . . . You

You and I are not to
believe everything we hear. In fact, we’re to test it all to see if it’s really
from God or from man.

Redefining the Blogosphere

We’re passionate about our
blog because we see it more like a mission field. It excites us to see God use
this website as a tool to draw young women toward Him. But we need your help.

Will he be a good husband?

I think it is great advice to stop looking for the perfect guy and to ask
God to bring you a fella who is working toward becoming more like Jesus. But how
will you know if an imperfect guy will make a great husband?

The Jesus Standard

If you’re waiting for a guy who is without sin, communicates perfectly,
and has his faith all figured out, it’s going to be a long wait.

The Truth About Insecurity

It’s easy to acknowledge that a girl who flaunts her drop-dead-gorgeous
looks has a problem in the area of pride, but am I really saying that a girl
who thinks she’s completely unattractive and untalented may struggle with the
very same issue?

Keeping the Peace at Church

It is so important that we all work to be peacemakers in our
church because the world is watching. If we are at odds with each other within
the church walls, how can we shine like stars in the sky?

Being a Peacemaker vs. Keeping the Peace

As Christians, we shouldstrive to have peaceful friendships. But that is only half of the equation.When it comes to friendship, there is a difference between being a peacemakerand keeping the peace at all costs.