Yearly Archive:: 2010

God, what are You doing?

Whatever your tough
circumstance, would you grab a pen and paper (or just type below), and ask God
what He’s doing through your tough circumstance?


How would Jesus celebrate Christmas?

Between Santa and jingle
bells, Christmas parties, and presents to buy and hope for, I think most of us
struggle to keep our attention focused on the baby in the manger. I've worked
hard to make this a Christmas where I had time to consider the sacred. That's
why I keep wondering how Jesus would celebrate His birth.


God is My Good Luck Charm

Is Jesus your good luck charm or the God you trust in all

Keeping the Peace at Church

It is so important that we all work to be peacemakers in our
church because the world is watching. If we are at odds with each other within
the church walls, how can we shine like stars in the sky?

Drag Your Struggle Into the Light

I believe that a critical
step in everyone’s path to freedom is telling someone about whatever might bind

Don't Live Under Any Label

If you’re struggling with same-sex attraction, don’t let anyone slap a label on you.

Homosexuality: A Story of Redemption Part 2

Yesterday I
introduced you to Rene. She’s a woman who was involved in the homosexual
lifestyle for more than 11 years. Today she is living proof of God’s power to
change hearts and lives.

Homosexuality: A Story of Redemption

Meet Rene. She is a former
homosexual now serving Jesus in full-time ministry. I couldn’t wait to pass her
story on to you because it is a beautiful testimony of God’s ability to redeem
all things.



God is teaching me a new
meaning for Sabbath. He is showing me that it’s so much more than a day of the
week or a routine involving church.