Yearly Archive:: 2010


Start 2011 with a 30-Day Binge

Every New Year starts the same way—with a massive push to purge. Everyone commits to purge their lives of bad habits, bad food choices, or too much stuff. There’s nothing wrong with using a new year to think about what needs to go in your life, but I want to encourage you to start this year with a 30-day binge. What do I want you to feast on? The Word of God.


Not Feeling It

Some years the Christmas story seems too familiar to me. My to-do list seems
too important. I want to get caught up in Christmas cheer, but I find myself
thinking, I’m just not feeling it.

God, what are You doing?

Whatever your tough
circumstance, would you grab a pen and paper (or just type below), and ask God
what He’s doing through your tough circumstance?


How would Jesus celebrate Christmas?

Between Santa and jingle
bells, Christmas parties, and presents to buy and hope for, I think most of us
struggle to keep our attention focused on the baby in the manger. I've worked
hard to make this a Christmas where I had time to consider the sacred. That's
why I keep wondering how Jesus would celebrate His birth.


God is My Good Luck Charm

Is Jesus your good luck charm or the God you trust in all