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Be a Shepherd

It is so difficult to keep Jesus as the focus of our lives. Even in December, when all signs should point back to our King, we get wrapped up in a million other things and forget to make Jesus the center of our celebrating.

From the Archives: Does Twilight lead to an unholy fantasy life?

Many of you have written about how difficult it is to wait on God’s timing for romance. And several of you have been honest about the heartache you’ve experienced when you’ve made the decision to link your life with someone other than the man God would choose for you. Surely an obsession with a fictional character, who seems to have it all, does nothing but muddy these waters.

Vampire Craze

As millions of young women everywhere take in the Twilight movies and tune in weekly to vampire shows, I can’t help but wonder if this fascination with the dark,
dangerous, bad boys featured in these series is fitting for girls who
love Jesus.