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Will You Be a Truth Speaker This Year?

As I think about my resolutions for this year, my thoughts keep
circling back to one key charge—be a Truth speaker. Sure I’d like to
shed a few pounds, stay more organized, eat better, sleep more…but, if
I am going to commit to focus my efforts in a direction that truly
matters, I want it to be in the area of knowing and proclaiming God’s

Nancy to Discuss Deception and Discernment in January

The end of December means a wrap up of our focus on discernment (if
you’ve missed that discussion, check it out in the archives). But Nancy Leigh DeMoss will continue this conversation with a two-week series starting later this month.

January 26 – February 6 Nancy will be discussing the topics of
discernment and deception on Revive Our Hearts radio. You can listen
online here. Since this is such an important topic, I will be putting excerpts from those broadcasts here on the blog.

So, mark your calendars and make plans to listen. Then hop back to this blog so we can talk about it!

Submit your Book Review

If you’ve been tracking our conversation on the blog this month, you
know we’ve been talking a lot about discernment. More specifically,
we’ve tried to hone in on how to discern truth from lies in the media
we watch, read, and listen to.

This can be a difficult task. It isn’t always obvious when a media
choice is feeding us lies and it can be difficult to walk away once we
realize we’ve been deceived. What’s more, there are so many books, and
movies, and shows available to us that finding worthwhile material can
seem a bit like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Why Does Discernment Matter?

Twilight certainly isn’t the first book, series, or movie to desensitize readers toward Truth. Many of today’s hottest media choices are laced with harmful contradictions to God’s Word.

Nancy recently tackled one such book on Revive Our Hearts radio. As part of a two-day series, Nancy examined the best-selling book A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle. She was joined in the studio by Dr. Erwin Lutzer and Dr. Don Whitney. That conversation contained great insights for those of us who are learning to discern, especially in the area of our media choices.

Confessions of a Twilight Reader

Admittedly, I have not read Twilight or seen the movie. I want
to walk the talk and avoid this series since I’m campaigning hard for
you to do the same. But, since many of you have read these books and/or
seen the movie, I thought it might be helpful for you to hear from
another Twilight reader.

My friend, Jessica has read all four books and seen the movie. She is a
college senior and a volunteer in the youth group my husband pastors.
As we started talking about this issue in our youth group, Jessica
started to re-examine her opinions on the series. I asked her to share
them with you.

Should we avoid “dark” themes?

I struggle to make wise choices when it comes to the media I watch, read, and listen to. With so many ways to plug in, tune out, and be entertained it can be really tough to discern which shows, books, and movies are okay and which ones I’d be better off to avoid. Can you relate?

As part of our month-long series on discerning Truth from lies, we’ve been examining the best-selling series Twilight. With over 17 million copies sold and a growing fan base of young women worldwide, it seems that this is a series that many, many young women have given their stamp of approval.

But should they? Should you?

I’ve already given you two reasons why I think we should choose not to read these books or see the movies. Here’s one more—as Christians, it is wise to stay away from “dark” themes.

Twilight—does it have the power to desensitize us?

It is possible to argue that the first book is harmless. The plot stays relatively clean and the storyline is pretty simple. But, this certainly isn’t true in the subsequent books. In the final book “Breaking Dawn” there is an increasing focus on horror and the occult. Bella dies and is transformed into a vampire. How? Edward transforms her by biting her all over her body. The scene is sexually charged and violent. But, it gets worse. Bella soon gives birth to a half-vampire/half-human baby that rips its way out of her womb. This is obviously scary and violent. But, by now readers of the series are so hooked that it seems they are desensitized. This is dangerous indeed.