75 Blog Posts for the Christian Girl

When I was a high school student in youth group, one of my youth leaders gave me God’s Promises for Your Every Need, a pocket-sized, leather-bound book with Scripture references organized according to topic. It became a tool to help me turn to truth when I didn’t know where to turn in my Bible.

What does God’s Word say about His sovereignty or His compassion? What if I’m feeling lonely or afraid? Which passages will encourage me to grow in faith? While we are wise to seek to know the whole Bible, it’s helpful to have quick and easy access to passages that can equip and encourage us for specific needs.

I loved my pocket-sized Bible resource then, and I still use it today. We often wrestle through emotions, questions, and life’s circumstances, knowing we need truth, knowing we need the Word of God, but feel at a loss for a starting point.

Here on the Lies Young Women Believe blog, we want to provide a starting point, a resource to help you become a wise, discerning woman of God who recognizes lies and replaces them with truth. Our archives are filled to the brim with posts serving as signposts to Christ and God’s Word.

So if you’ve come to the blog today with questions swirling in your head and emotions bubbling in your heart and you just need a starting point, this is for you.

Here are seventy-five blog posts, organized by topic, to help you seek the Lord and dig deeper into truth.

What to do when you’re . . .


7 Truths When You Are Rejected

Is It Okay to Feel Lonely?

Afraid or anxious:

Help for Fellow Freaker-Outers

Peace of Mind Doesn’t Come in a Box

An Unexpected Prescription for Panic

Far from God:

Jesus in One Sentence

When God Feels Distant

Trapped in sin:

Look for the Little Door

23 Guidelines to Protect Your Purity

Free to Stay Free

Thinking about the future:

Do I Have to Know My Life Plans by 18?

Girls with Passion Live with Conviction

Burdened for a family member:

How to Pray When Someone You Love Is Stuck in Sin

Sad and discouraged:

10 Reasons Why It Will Be Okay

To the Heart Searching for Comfort

Re-Thinking Good Days and Bad Days


A Perfectionist’s Guide to Right Thinking

3 Truths About Fitting In

Dear Insecure Girl

3 Things to Do When You Don’t Measure Up to Another Girl


30 Things I’ve Learned About Emotions

Feel a Meltdown Coming On?

17 Truths You Need to Know About Your Tears

The Next Time Your Emotions Take You Hostage, Try This

To the Girl Who Wants to Give Up

Struggling with your single status:

What to Do While You Wait

A Strategy for Being Content with Your Single Status

Rejoicing with the Couples Who Rejoice?


5 Ways to Kill Envy

When You’re Not Number One

Confused about a guy:

Should You Tell Him You Like Him?

How Can I Know If He’s the One?

Should I Date a Guy Who Isn’t a Virgin?

Wondering about marriage:

What If I’ve Never Seen Marriage Work?

5 Ways to Pray for Your Future Husband

What’s the Purpose of a Wedding?

Should You Take Marriage for a Test Spin?

Before Getting Married, I Wish I’d . . .

When Marriage Meets Insecurity

What to do when you need help with . . .

Doing the right thing:

Whatever You Do, Don’t Follow Your Heart

5 Secrets to Greatness

Questions you’re afraid to ask:

I’ve Been Abused; Am I Still Pure?

Is God a Taker?

Is It Wrong to Want to Make Lots of Money?

Is God Mad at Me?

Sharing the gospel:

10 Tips for Interacting with an Atheist

Two Simple Questions to Guide Your Bible Study

The Ripple Effect

The Best Way to Tell Your Friends About Christ

How to Share Your Convictions with Grace

Studying the Word:

10 Ways to Study the Bible

Pursuing the King as Your First Priority

How Reading the Whole Bible Changed My Life Forever

Dressing modestly:

Why Guys Aren’t the Reason I Dress Modestly

6 Tips for Making Modesty Happen All Year Round

A Modest Girl’s Summer Survival Guide

Navigating friendships and family relationships:

How to Pick a Best Friend

Letting Your Family Off the Hook of Perfection

The Next Time You’re Offended

3 Things to Do When You Can’t Get Along

Are Your Female Friendships Healthy?

A dating relationship:

How to Know If You’re Ready to Date or Court

How to Handle Your First Real Heartbreak

3 Signs You’re Clinging to a Romance Too Tightly

My Parents’ Dating Rules Stink

If You’ve Ever Thought God Is Anti-Romance

Chasing After Something Greater Than Guys

Getting healthy:

Is It Okay to Diet?

A Girl Walked into a Garden

10 Tips for Eating Right

When you need ideas for . . .

Encouraging and serving others:

10 Steps to Writing an Encouraging Letter

50 Ways to Serve Others

30 Ways to Be Crazy Generous

Showing gratitude:

Go On, Go Crazy with the Thank-You Notes

100 Reasons Every Human Can Be Thankful

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