Our 10 Favorite Modesty Hacks

The school year has begun, and the pressure is on.
You want to look cute.
You want to look trendy.
You want to fit in.

The big question lingers in your mind: Is it possible to dress cute and still remain modest at the same time?

I come to you with great news! It is possible.

Yes, it will take extra work and extra creativity, but it is possible to dress stylishly and modestly this school year. Before I share my favorite modesty hacks, I want to remind you of the most important things to keep in mind.

When striving to embrace modesty, remember that your goal is to reflect the holiness and purity of Jesus Christ. Choose to dress in a way that acknowledges that your worth and identity is found in Christ alone.

With that as your foundation, you are ready to combine fashion and modesty this school year. Here are ten of my favorite modesty hacks for your school wardrobe.

1. Turn old jeans into Bermuda shorts.

I know it’s hard to find shorts that aren’t super short. It’s hard, but not impossible. Get creative and think outside the box. Grab an old pair of your jeans, and cut them off to a length that is modest. Wash them in the washing machine to create fringe.

2. Tie a flannel or denim shirt around your waist.

This is one of my all-time favorite looks. (I’m actually wearing a flannel shirt around my waist right now as I type!) I love it because it covers up the back of my jeans in the rear area. If you haven’t tried this look, you’ve got to give it a try.

3. Wear a dress over your jeans.

Dresses are such a great and versatile option for dressing cute and modest. Since I’m tall, I’ve always had problems with dresses being too short. Instead of ditching short dresses, I’ve decided to add jeans and wear them together. The dress covers the rear area and the jeans cover the thighs and legs. It’s a win/win combo.

4. Add a button-up shirt under your dress.

There are so many cute dresses that just need a little extra coverage up top. Instead of ditching the thin-strapped dresses, just add an adorable button-up underneath. It makes a classy layer and adds some great modest coverage.

5. Always have one black and one white camisole on hand.

Camisoles are lifesavers for the girl striving to combine fashion and modesty. I wear a camisole almost every single day. I buy thin ones to keep me cool and wear them under my shirts. It helps cover any cleavage issues and any see-through issues. I highly recommend them!

6. Buy real denim (not jeggings or super-stretch denim).

Real denim is hard to come by these days. It seems like most jeans are made up of super stretchy material. The jeans are so tight that they leave little to the imagination. When I shop for jeans, I look for jeans that are made up of real denim material. Real denim adds so much more structure and seems to leave a little room to move in.

7. Order online in “tall” for extra length.

Ordering online is a huge win! Most stores sell dresses, skirts, shorts, shirts and jeans in “long” or “tall” sizes. That means extra length on everything. Even if you aren’t tall like me, I encourage you to order your clothes in tall to get added length. (If you’re on the petite side, then regular sizes might give you the added length you need for certain clothing items.)

8. Shop at stores geared toward women (not teens).

There is a major difference in clothing styles depending on where you shop. If you shop at a super trendy store geared toward teens, it’s going to be hard to find modest clothing. If you shop at a store geared more toward twenty-somethings, you will have a much easier time finding modest (but still cute!) clothing.

9. Follow a modest fashion blogger for inspiration.

It can be really hard to come up with creative and fashionable looks. I encourage you to follow some modest fashion bloggers. My younger sister, Rebekah, runs an amazing modest fashion blog. Check out her blog www.hellomodesty.com or her Instagram account for fun, creative, and modest ideas.

10. Find your worth in Christ alone.

Our worth is in Christ alone. He created us, therefore He decides what gives us value. We can’t add to our value, and we can’t take away from our value. We are loved and worthy because Christ says we are. Not because of what anyone else says. We don’t need to prove ourselves to those around us. We just need to walk in the worth Christ has already placed upon us.

Which of the ten steps were most helpful to you? How can you combine fashion and modesty this school year?I’d love to hear your thoughts and any additional ideas you might have. Leave a comment below!

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